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      You have already seen the example using JNDI API in the previous example. Prior to get down to JNDI, let's see what the naming services are.
      Everyday, you use naming service; for example, Libraries have equipped with a naming service. Look at the flame here. Red Sun! You go to the library to borrow a book. Because you don't know where the book is, you go to the front or use Library web services to search the book. By getting the isbn of the book, you can find the book.

      In the world of programs, like the real world, there are many naming services; DNS, RMI Registry, COS Naming and so on.

The usage of these naming services is different. Because any programmer in Java World knows he is not smart enough to rememeber all these usage of naming services, they agreed to make a standard of the usage; JNDI(Java Naming and Directory Interface).
      Actually, You have already used JNDI in the previous example; a "Hello World" program in RMI-IIOP version and a "Hello World" program in RMI-IIOP version using Property class. As you can see at the source codes, InitailContext interface and Context class are JNDI API in javax.naming. In addition, like a following diagram, you can create an instance of InitialContext class by passing an evironmental parameter using a Properties class.

      Before jumping to the SessionBean, let's study how to run Weblogic in eclipse.

  1. JNDI overview, Part I - An introduction to naming services by Toad Sundsted, JavaWorld.com


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