[J2EE Base EJB Programming] JNDI - How do you pronounce this awesome word?[2/2]

        I am not genereous enought to tell you how to install weblogic; do it yourself. I will use weblogic version 8.1 and use JNDI service equipped in weblogic server rather than using that of tnameserv.

        I am going to modify a "Hello World" program in RMI-IIOP version using Properties class to a "Hello World"program in RMI-IIOP version using Properties class with weblogic server. As we have done,
          1. Complie HelloImpl class
              C:\rmic -iiop iiop4.HelloImpl
          2. Start the naming server, weblogic in here.
          3. Run HelloServer
              start java -cp C:\bea\weblogic81\server\lib\weblogic.jar; iiop4.HelloServer
          4. Run HelloClient
              java -cp C:\bea\weblogic81\server\lib\weblogic.jar; iiop4.HelloClient
        Is everything done? No. You should have seen the following message;
        IException in thread "main" java.rmi.ConnectException: This RJVM has already been shutdown
                at weblogic.rjvm.RJVMImpl.getOutputStream(RJVMImpl.java:389)
                at weblogic.rjvm.RJVMImpl.getRequestStream(RJVMImpl.java:551)
                at weblogic.rjvm.RJVMImpl.getOutboundRequest(RJVMImpl.java:683)
                at weblogic.rmi.internal.BasicRemoteRef.getOutboundRequest(BasicRemoteRef.java:90)
                at weblogic.rmi.internal.BasicRemoteRef.invoke(BasicRemoteRef.java:126)
                at iiop4.HelloImpl_814_WLStub.hi(Unknown Source)
                at iiop4.HelloClient.main(HelloClient.java:18)
What's the problem?This is the problem why we have to learn EJB. There are more things to know to bound an object which you have made to the naming service of weblogic server. In here. I will use object "hello" object of a String class rather than using "hello" object of Hello Class. Call it a "Hello World" program using a String class with weblogic. To run it;
          1. start weblogic
          2. Run HelloServer
              java -cp C:\bea\weblogic81\server\lib\weblogic.jar; iiop5.HelloServer
          2. Run HelloSClient
              java -cp C:\bea\weblogic81\server\lib\weblogic.jar; iiop5.HelloClient
        Now, you're ready to sail for the sea of EJB.


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