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        The problem we have to solve now is "how to bound a user-made object to weblogic server"? In our context, the problem is how to bound a hello object to weblogic server? In the previous lession, I showed you a picture of weblgoic. In this picture, I added one more component, EJB container.

To bound a hello object to weblogic server, we have to make a "Hello World" EJB. Before explain what EJB is, let's make a "Hello World" SessionBean one of three kinds of EJB. As you know, practices are the most valuable teacher in the field of programming.
        In the previous lession, you made a "Hello World" server program to bound a hello object to the name server.On the other hand, to bound(deploy, actually) a "Hello World" SessionBean to the name server, in here weblogic, you have to do some special works; Building SessionBean and Deploying a SessionBean to weblogic.
        Afterall, you can use a "Hello World" SessionBean by a HelloClient program. Pay attention to the JNDI name, "HelloEJB", when looking up; it is same with the JNDI name when making a configuration file, ejb-jar.xml.
        We have touched too many things without enough explanations. Let's see how these work, next time.


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