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        To Deploy EJB, we need a configuration file of EJB in XML; ejb-jar.xml. You can write it by yourself if you want to learn XML grammar; however, you will make many spelling mistakes in that way. Because BEA provides Weblogic Builder tool after installing weblogic server, you can use it to make configuration file.
        Before starting, we need some EJB to deploy; in here, I will use a "Hello World" SessionBean example in J2EE Base EJB Programming lesson.
        First of all, compile a "Hello World" SessionBean, and then place its .class files at C:\ejb\hello.
        Now, every preparation was made to meet Weblogic Builder. Start it.

Then, you can see the following program.

Click File -> Open. Select C:\ejb, and then click the button "Open"; you can see the following alert message.

Click "Yes".
        That's All. The only thing you should give attention to is "JNDI name" part. Let's use the default value, HelloEJB.

        Select File -> Save. Even though you don't smell a rat, you have made a SessionBean. Next time, you will move a HelloEJB to the weblogic. See you.


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