[Weblogic]Deploy EJB using Weblogic Builder[2/2]

        Are you ready for starting weblogic? If you are, let's do it. First of all, start weblogic server by executing a "startWeblgoic.cmd" command. After weblogic fully started, open the weblogic console window by connecting to the local site; http://localhost:7001/console. Then, you can see the following window.

        If you didn't changed the default administrator configurations, you can log on by entering "weblogic" in both [Username] and [Password] blank. After you logged on, click "workshop" -> "Deployments" -> "EJB Modules" like;

        To deploy "HelloEJB", click [Deploy a new EJB Module]. After that, select the location where "HelloEJB" is; C:\ejb, in here. Then, click [Target Module] button at the right bottom corner.

        Secondly, enter any name in the [Identity] blank; I entered "HelloBean". Then, click [Deploy] button. After all, you can see the result of deploy process. If you followed correctly, you can see the "success" message. If you're not confident with it, you can see it at the following monitoring window at the "EJB Modules", [Monitoring] tab.

        The story of a far journey to deploy EJB to weblogic is ended. Do you want to see how to use it?


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