[J2EE Base EJB Programming] JMS - What is it?[2/3]

        The main goal of a messaging service is to interchange messages between two or more people or systems. In another words, the main actors are message, producer and consumer in the play of messaging service. Therefore, we need just three objects, message object, producer object and consumer object to interchange messages.

        To make three actors to appear on the stage of messge service, we have to contract with the theatrical company and the director. The companay pick a appropriate director and he manages all the things of the play.

        If you can understand this play, you can also do the real JMS play and its actors; ConnectionFactory, Connection, Session, Message, MessgaProducer, MessageConsumer.

The second is the PTP play and the third is the Pub/Sub play. These are all about what JMS is. If you want to know more specific explantion, go here; Basic JMS API Concepts>.
        Let's see the real code, the example that uses JMS API. Moreover, the mysterious thing in the above diagram, destination(queue and topic) will be unveiled. See you next time.

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