[Weblogic] JMS - How to make a Destination(Queue or Topic)?

        To use JMS service in weblogic, you need to create a Destination; simply speaking ,a repository of messages. There are two kinds of Destinations as there are two kinds of messaging services; Queue in PTP messgaing service and Topic in Pub/Sub messaging service.
        First of all, you need to create a new JMS file store to save messgaes. Go through the menu Services -> JMS -> Stores, then click [Configure a new JMS File Store..].

Don't touch anything if you're not sure except for the "Directory" blank. You need a directory under the basic Weblogic server domain; if you don't know what the basic Weblogic server domain is, you need to create at least one server domain. Creat a new folder, "myjmsfilestore", under your [domain name] folder; in my case, "mydomain" folder. Fill in the [Directory] blank as "myjmsfilestore". And then click, click whatever pages show in front of you.

        As a next steop, you have to configure a new JMS server. Go through the menu mydomain -> Services -> Servers, and the choose [Configure a new JMS Server..]. And then continue to click until you can see the final page.

        Now all the preparations are done to create Destinations. Go throught the meny Services -> Servers -> MyJMS Server(Or any JMS server you have created before). Choose anything you want to create. You can do the remaings by just clicking. The thing should remark is the [JNDI Name] you fiiled in. When you want to use the Destination you have made, you have to reference it by its JNDI name. Now, all the configration is done. Do you want to see the example that uses JMS service?

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