[Weblogic] Creating a Basic Weblogic Server Domain

        Do you know what a basic Weblogic server domain is? I don't know what it is. However, you need at least one Weblogic Server Domain to operate Weblogic server. This is a howto document to create a Weblogic server domain. When I need to know what it is, this document will be supplemented, maybe. Anyway, to create a basic Weblogic server domain, start [Configuration Wizard]. Click [Create a new Weblogic configuration].

        Select [Basic Weblogic Server Domain]

        Choose [Express] configuration mode. Fill in the [User name] and [User password]. And the, choode [Development] server starting mode. Choose whatever Java SDK; Bea Supplied SDKs or others in you compuer above 1.4 version. Identify the[Configuration Name]; just use the default name, "mydomain".

        Now, you can see the new folder "mydomain" folder under "bea" folder.

You can start Weblogic server by double clicking [startWeblogic.cmd].

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... n; if you don't know what the bais Weblogic server domain is, you need to create at least one server domain. ... more

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